Thyroid Diet Starter Kit
Thyroid Diet Starter Kit

Will I ever be able to get off medication or heal completely?

It is a frequent question. Not surprisingly; many of you hate the idea of popping the pill first thing in the morning and everyone wants to be free of these debilitating symptoms. The truth is:

  • the earlier you catch it and make changes, the higher the recovery chances (like in the case of this author)
  • depending on the condition of your thyroid gland and the degree it can start producing T4 and T3 hormones on its own again; this is something no one will tell you till you try it. In any case, you will feel significantly better when you adopt the Thyroid Diet
  • even if your thyroid is significantly compromised or you lost it to cancer, the Thyroid Diet will still benefit you in: converting T4 to T3 hormone more effectively in your liver and gut (means less medication) and help you reduce the inflammation in your body (means more energy, weight loss and less fatigue) and preventing you from future autoimmune conditions.


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