Thyroid Diet Starter Kit
Thyroid Diet Starter Kit

What does it mean when my thyroid antibodies are high?

It means your immune system is inflamed and is launching various attacks on your body.

High TPO antibodies (see above) show the degree of the inflammation. Your antibodies should be below 30, anything above 300 means serious inflammation, and above 500 a severe inflammation. 70% of people with hypothyroid have elevated TPO antibodies. The author of this website had her antibodies over 1,000 and managed to bring them all down after adopting a low thyroid diet and making sound lifestyle changes.

People with hyperthyroid and Graves’ Disease are also likely to have TSI (thyroid stimulating immunoglobulins) antibodies elevated. It’s not uncommon though to have TPOs elevated too.

If you’ve never had your thyroid antibodies tested before, we can provide the test for your right here.


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