Thyroid Diet Starter Kit
Thyroid Diet Starter Kit


Thyroid Diet Coaching Options

What results to expect? Read client success stories.

  • Kick-Off Session
    1. 1. Thyroid 101.
    2. 2. Personal Health History Debrief.
    3. 3. Thyroid Diet Principals.
    4. 4. Detailed Action Plan.
  • Customized Meal Plan
  • Implementation Coaching & Guidance
  • Guides
    1. 1. Elimination Diet Guide.
    2. 2. Food Cravings Guide.
    3. 3. Healthy Snack List.
    4. 4. Food Substitute Guide
  • Email Support
  • Weekly Journaling & Feedback
  • Special Intensives
    1. #1: Elimination Diet for Food Allergies and Intolerances.
    2. #2: Thyroid and Anti-Thyroid Foods and Water.
    3. #3: Fats and Proteins.
    4. #4: Fish, Meat and Grains.
    5. #5: Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics
  • Electives
    1. #1: Learn How to Food Shop.
    2. #2: Detoxing Your Gut, Liver, Kitchen and Bathroom.
    3. #3: Emotional Eating.
    4. #4: Cooking Class.
  • Kick-off Session

    (1.5 hours)

  • $280

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Kick-Off Session

Get a clear picture of what is going on with you. Why are you not losing weight? Why always tired? Why are your labs coming back “normal”? Learn quickly things that doctors have no time (or no knowledge) to explain; what your thyroid does, how is it connected to your sugar levels, liver health, digestive issues, stress and overall hormonal health. Get assessment and recommendations on your current food and lifestyle habits that help or sabotage your hormonal balance. Walk out with a clear action plan >>> Read more.

Jumpstart Coaching

Jumpstart your health in 30 days – that’s what the program is about. Designed for both experts and novices. If you are a novice (know little about food and your thyroid), don’t worry – we will get you educated, empowered and set you up with the right action lists. On top of Kick-Off (see above), you will also get a personalized meal plan, recipes (yummy, simple and fast) and coaching support for 30 days. Yeah, baby! If you are an expert but feeling a little stuck, you will learn how to tweak what you know as “healthy” to what will work for your thyroid. Can I tell you that nutritionists are my clients, too? :-). More details on this program >>> Read more.

Journey Coaching

Come on a 90-day journey with me to revive your thyroid but also re-evaluate your lifestyle habits, exercise and gain an emotional balance. Learn to get centered and look at the your life and health challenges through a different lens. Learn how to source the best food (beyond expensive Whole Foods), detox your gut and liver, read product labels, buy the right fish and meat, pick the right oils and fats (besides avocado and nuts) and much more. Get support and stay accountable. Learn to adapt a lifestyle that will heal your thyroid, your hormonal balance, sugar levels so you too can lower your medication, fight weight loss resistance, depression and anxiety and finally regain energy and joie de vivre that you deserve. >>> Read more.

Still not sure if this is for you?

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What results to expect?

  • Down by a few pounds and equipped with knowledge how to keep it going
  • Feeling less fatigued
  • More motivation to finally clean up the house and plan an exciting vacation
  • More clarity of mind so you don’t need to double-guess and cross-check yourself
  • Experiencing work and career with excitement and enthusiasm
  • Having all the energy to play with the kids and cook for the family
  • No guilt about not having been the most energetic and enthusiastic mom, wife, daughter or peer
  • Confidence in what to ask your doctor and what results to expect
  • Clarity of what are thyroid diet foods and how to make them part of your daily life

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