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Thyroid Diet Coach: From Symptoms to Solutions

My name is Magdalena Wszelaki, I’m the founder of Thyroid Diet Coach – a practice dedicated to helping women with thyroid conditions to heal with nutritional and lifestyle changes. I am a former Graves’ and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis patient and I am in remission now for several years.

How Thyroid Diet Coach can help those suffering from Hypothyroidism

Thyroid Diet Coach offers a wide range of free resources from articles, videos, FAQs and an online radio show (Hormones Community Calls) anyone can get access to. For those who sign up to the mailing list, the Thyroid Diet Starter Kit is sent right away. For a nominal fee of $17, there are ebooks to get a person started in the right direction such as the Elimination Diet Guide, How to Food Shop Guide and the Meal Planning Guide. For those who need more in-depth experience, we offer group online programs (both live and DIY) such as the Hormones Detox (a 12-day detox program) and Mastering Hashimoto’s (a 6-week course on managing this autoimmune condition). We also offer small group (3-5 people) and one-on-one coaching programs that span from one to three months.