Thyroid Diet Starter Kit
Thyroid Diet Starter Kit

Thyroid Diet Recipes

I have collected some of my favorite thyroid diet recipes in order to help those searching for foods that fit into a Hashimoto’s disease diet plan, low thyroid diet or hypothyroidism diet. These recipes will also help you have a more balanced and healthier lifestyle in general! In addition to information like ingredients, prep time, and steps to completion, you will also be given my rationale for choosing each dish. I also share my insights about each recipe’s thyroid health value. You’ll get some ideas for variations one might do to further customize the meal and make it your own. In many of the recipe posts, you will find tantalizing images of the final results which awaits you on your healthy thyroid cooking journey!

It is important to have a varied menu to ensure that you do not feel deprived or limited by the scope of what is most healthful to eat. I hope you will enjoy these delicious recipes that will also help you follow a Hashimoto diet plan for a healthier and happier thyroid!

Homemade Cola That Supports Your Liver

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This homemade cola helps support your liver. Imagine making a drink at home that tastes just like Coca Cola but without the coloring, aspartame, or sugar. (There are 10 teaspoons of sugar in one 12oz can of Coke!) I strive not only for great taste but nutritional value and hormone-balancing properties as well. This beverage is a wonderful treat to add on to your hashimoto diet plan. Continue reading

Rosewater Lime Pudding

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This recipe was inspired by two things. One, I took a trip to Morocco, which reminded me how rose water is such a highly underused flavor in our kitchens. Two, I learned a variation of this recipe when I was on a very strict 8-week no-sugar protocol to deal with my chronic candida. This recipe filled my need for that occasional moment of decadence. It can be part of a hashimoto thyroiditis diet. Continue reading

Creamy Prebiotic Rich Potato Salad

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One of my favorite thyroid recipes, this dish is packed with highly healing foods. To start with, cold potatoes are high in resistant starch which is a prebiotic, or food for the good bacteria. Resistant starch helps the beneficial bacteria to colonize the gut for them to stay there longer and be more effective. Furthermore, the recipe contains actual probiotic-rich foods such as sauerkraut. Continue reading

Green Plantain (Grain-Free) Sunday Brunch Pancake

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Expand your thyroid cookbook! Green plantains are staples in South American and African cuisines. They’re low in sugar and make wonderful baked goods, an excellent substitute in recipes that would typically be made with grains and eggs. I’ve created two topping ideas – sweet and savory. Step outside your comfort zone and add something delicious to your hasimoto diet plan today! Continue reading

Eggless Mayonnaise

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If you discovered after having done the Elimination Diet that you do not tolerate eggs very well, you will love this recipe. I’ve found many eggless mayo recipes on the internet, but most had too many ingredients and did not taste all that great. I tweaked this recipe many times and found this ingredient combination to work the best. It’s also compatible with my guidelines for thyroid diet recipes. Continue reading

Mint and Strawberry Cobbler

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If you’re looking for recipes for hypothyroidism, try this mint and strawberry cobbler. Baking has never been my forte and I will admit that I have little interest in it. There are days however that I either have an excess of fruit or a party to go to and a “healthy dessert” is requested of me. I find cobblers to be delightfully perfect for any rustic occasion. This one has no nuts and no sugar added. Continue reading

Moroccan Chicken Tajin

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My first introduction to a true Moroccan tajin came from a friendship with Nabila – a French Moroccan. A traditional tajin meal is made and served in a clay dish (the tajin) that comes with a pointing conical lid. When cooked on low heat, this ingenious ancient cookware acts like an oven – evenly and slowly cooking the meat and vegetables. A great technique for hypothyroidism recipes. Continue reading

Raw Pumpkin Pie

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A healthy holiday dessert for your hashimoto diet plan! Pumpkin season is upon us. I learned this great recipe from my friend, Ease Oldham, who is a raw food chef. If you are looking for a Thanksgiving recipe with a difference, this is it. A delicious, no-cook pie with no sugar added! This thyroid recipe is wholesome and balanced enough that you can indulge in some festive cheer without ruining your diet. Continue reading

Supergreen Basil Smoothie

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With this smoothie, I would like to show you how delicious breakfast can be without having any sugar at all. It might be a bit of an adjustment to be eating savory food for breakfast. The upside will be: far more energy and mental focus throughout the day. Zucchini, basil, parsley, sprouts, carrots, lime, and spices combine in this healthful addition to your thyroid cookbook. Continue reading

Chicory Latte (Almost-Coffee)

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Lattes can be so versatile. You can play with so many different teas, coffees, coffee substitutes, and fats. It allows for so much of creativity and exploration of your own taste bud preferences. In this recipe I’m using roasted chicory root. You can get it online. Choose the organic version. If you have been to New Orleans, you know chicory coffee. This recipe boosts liver function. Continue reading

Farmer’s Wife Sunday Breakfast

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We are blessed with the best farmers’ market northern California has to offer. One of the vendors who has captured my admiration is The Farmer’s Wife. Lately, she started offering paleo plates – a succulent fennel sausage on a bed of greens, served with ferments from her next-door neighbor. This is a great example of what your PFF (protein, fat and fiber) thyroid diet breakfast could look like. Continue reading

Balancing Pumpkin Smoothie

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A smoothie can be like a medicinal bowl of goodness for your hormones. Flax seed helps manage your estrogen, camu camu (food highest in vitamin C) supports the adrenal and immune systems, & dandelion supports the liver, which eliminates metabolized hormones to make space for the new ones. Plus, we use local seasonal food which is important in boosting your immune system! Continue reading