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You’ve got a trip coming up and you think “OMG, what am I going to eat?!”

Over the years, I’ve collected tips and tricks I want to share with you today as they will help you stay off gluten, dairy, soy and excessive sugar.

This way you will feel healthy and energetic. After all, when we travel we want to make the best of our trip and not feel terrible from eating food that we know we suffer from.

Let’s assume that some places will have no Wholefoods or good quality health stores.

This kit is based on food low in sugar and high in real food.



  • Bring an immersible blender and a large container that can fit the blender.
  • Bring: 
seeds (chia, sunflower, flex seed) and nuts, 
unripe avocado, dried fruit like cherries, goji berries, dates, figs, 
cacao or carob powder.
  • Also bring 
BPA-free coconut milk or almond milk
 and coconut butter (Artisana brand)


  • Ask for oatmeal at the restaurant with no added sugar. Add your own seeds, nuts and coconut milk to the meal.
  • Ask for a sausage and sautéed vegetables – many chefs would make that for you.



  • BPA-free can of sardine or salmon
  • Smoked salmon (keeps well with no refrigeration for a week)
  • Nitrates-free salami (keeps well for 5-6 days or longer even with no fridge)
  • Avocado
  • Pre-mixed salad dressing (olive oil, lemon/ACV, salt, herbs)
  • Mixed greens (keep well for 4 days in a air-tight container, put paper towel at the bottom)
  • Sprouts (keep well for 4 days in a air-tight container, put paper towel at the bottom)
  • BPA-free can of chickpeas or any beans
  • Cherry tomatoes (if nightshades tolerated)
  • Seeds and nuts for some crunch. Avoid trail mix, it’s typically loaded with sugar-coated fruit.
  • Gf crackers like Mary’s Gone Crackers or flaxseed crackers from Doctor in the Kitchen
  • Hard boiled egg, if tolerated
  • Wraps: use nori sheets, kale or lettuce leaves to create your own wrap from the above



People who are vegan or eat kosher have no qualms to ask the restaurant or friends to comply with their nutritional needs. You should therefore never feel sorry or guilty for requesting something special of a restaurant. I personally found that it helps to just state that you are having special dietary needs and ask the server to help you navigate the menu and the kitchen.

Here are some simple and safe meal ideas most chefs would be happy to make for you:

  • Grilled or roasted animal protein or fish (no batter) with a salad or sautéed vegetables.
  • Large salad without the food you are avoiding, plus dressing (see below).
  • Dressing: ask for olive oil, salt and lemon/lime to accompany your meal. Do not eat the premade dressings.


  • Paleo bars: EPIC, Tanka bars
  • Healthy bars (low sugar, high protein): CORE, GoRaw, Lara bars (high in sugar, though..)


Bring your own flank to make your own teas. Bring tea bags of tulsi (holy basil), fennel, nettle, peppermint, ginger, green tea, matcha tea, etc.


You can download the “Heathy Traveler’s Food Pack” PDF here.

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